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We're often asked to share an overview of our process and we're happy to do so. We won't share all the nitty gritty details, but you'll get an overall sense of how it works and what you can expect if you choose to work with us.

STEP 1: Our first step, of course, is door removal. We draw ourselves a reference map, and each door and individual hinge is labeled in an inconspicuous spot to ensure everything goes right back where it came from. NOTE: Doors are removed from the premises and brought back to our workshop for completion. We carefully transport them to and from your home safely.

STEP 2: Next we thoroughly degrease doors and cabinet bases.

STEP 3: All surfaces are lightly sanded and thoroughly cleaned.

STEP 4: The priming begins! Everything gets two coats of primer. Why two coats, you ask? Double coating with primer serves two purposes: It helps to fill in wood grains for a smoother finish, and it also helps to completely seal in any tannins, grease or other troublesome things that may cause discoloration later.

STEP 5: The painting begins! As noted with primer, all surfaces also get two coats of paint. Double coating with paint serves two purposes: It helps further fill in wood grains, and it helps to completely cover surfaces for a gorgeous solid color finish. We will communicate with you the timeline of projected completion as the project progresses. On the final day of painting in your home, we thoroughly inspect all surfaces and perform any touchups that may be necessary. We also remove any masking tape and perform any cleanup, paint removal or touchups on walls as necessary.

STEP 6: After we've completed the prep, priming and painting of the cabinet boxes onsite, we then work for the next few (or several, depending on the size of the project) days in our workshop to complete door painting.

STEP 7: After the doors have cured for at least one full day, we will carefully wrap them and transport them back to your home. 

STEP 8: Our final step, of course, is door and hardware reinstallation. This is typically completed in a few hours on the final day of the project. Note that we can install new hardware that you've purchased provided that the holes match the existing ones in your cabinets. For recommendations or help in choosing new hardware, just ask - we're happy to help!

STEP 9: After your kitchen has been reassembled, we will discuss next steps with you for curing times as well as cleaning and care tips.


Typically we can finish a kitchen project in 7 - 12 days (it largely depends on size of project, number of colors chosen, etc.).

We transport all doors back to our workshop for painting so you won't have to worry about space for us to work on them in your home.

We're happy to help guide you in paint color selections, but we'll leave the final decision up to you. We can also refer you to one of our fav Interior Designers, Caitlin Schneider at Interiors by Cait. She's amazing with color and design selections, and her rates are very reasonable.

We do leave touchup paint behind for any major oopsies after we've gone, although we're confident that the durability of the finish will stand up to most abuse you can dish out.

There's no need for you to remove items from cabinets or drawers. We work around everything, so it's super easy for you! We just ask that your countertops be relatively cleared off and you sweep the floors along the front edges of any cabinets that we may be painting.

We do ask that a non-refundable deposit be sent to secure your spot on our calendar. Should a scheduling conflict arise, your deposit can be transferred to a new date provided we can fill the spot you've vacated. If an extenuating circumstance should arise, we are willing to work with you. 

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