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Hello, and thanks for checking out the folks who make the magic happen behind the scenes at Rowan Revivals, LLC! We are a husband and wife team located in the heart of small town Minnesota. We are proud to implement painting best practices in both application and products chosen and we're constantly researching new techniques and trends to best serve our customers. To date, we've been a part of beautifying nearly 300 kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and home offices and we've got many more on the books as we move through 2023. 

At Rowan Revivals, there's no overpriced fancy workshop and we don't use any expensive equipment that may ultimately add to the bottom line of your project. We've designed our business around keeping things affordably simple by offering our customers beautiful makeovers at a fraction of the cost of entire kitchen or bathroom cabinet replacement.

Our business is operated out of our home which is located in Watkins, MN. We are fully insured. Our area of travel includes a 60-mile radius around Watkins, however we do also serve areas outside that circle for an additional travel fee. Just contact us and we'll work something out.

The process we've adopted provides a flawless, durable finish regardless of the type of cabinets we start with. We're happy to share an overview of the process - just ask us! Yes, you can probably find someone to paint your cabinets for less than we can. Just keep in mind that we specialize in beautifying kitchen cabinets the right way. Not everyone does. 




Hi! I'm Jenny and I'm the chief painter at Rowan Revivals. I've had a slight obsession with painting things for years. It began with upcycled furniture and eventually progressed to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, walls, door and trim.. These days, painting is all I do and I do it very well. 




Hi! I'm Chris and I'm the chief handyman at Rowan Revivals. I'm happy to assist in the parts of a project that may require some muscle or just an extra hand. I let my amazingly talented and smart wife take care of the painting activities. She also handles writing all the web copy, too. 

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