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We've gathered up the questions we're most frequently asked, and here they are!

Q: What's the average cost to paint a kitchen?

A: Technically, there isn't an "average cost", per se. Every kitchen is different based on many factors, including door count, etc. We're happy to put together a FREE estimate for you! Contact us today to start the conversation. 

Q: How long does it take to complete a kitchen painting project? 

A: Typically a painting project can be completed in 7-14 days depending on the size of the project.

Q: Are you insured? 

A: Yes, we are insured with full liability coverage.

Q: Do you also paint bathroom vanities?

A: Yes we do, depending on the size and location of the project. We do prefer to combine bathroom vanity painting with full kitchen projects whenever possible for maximum efficiency for both our team and our customers.

Q: Do you roll, brush or spray cabinets?

A: All cabinets are painted using a combination of brush (used for applying paint into crevices) and rolled with a smooth 4" roller. 

Q: Is the paint finish smooth?

A: Yes, it is incredibly smooth. There is an ever-so-slight bit of texture, however we describe it as just enough to make the finish look non-"plasticy". 

Q: Do you paint the insides of the cabinets?

A: We do not paint the insides of cabinets, however we do paint the inside edges of the cabinet faces.

Q: Do all wood grains disappear when you paint my cabinets?

A: In some cases, yes. In most cases, however, grain "rivers" will be slightly apparent after we've finished painting your cabinets. The combination of two coats of primer and two coats of high-quality cabinet paint fill in much of the fine existing grain crevices. Under bright light, the grain "rivers" may be slightly apparent, however grains largely disappear.

Q: Can I get a free estimate, and if so how?

A: Of course! We need to know your street address and receive photos of all the cabinets that need painting so we can clearly see all doors, drawers and any extras such as an island, etc. Contact us to start the conversation. 

Q: Is there anything we can do ourselves to reduce the cost of the project?

A:  Unfortunately, no, and here's why: Each step in our process is very important to the success of the entire project. To ensure the success of a project, we prefer to handle each step ourselves so we can be certain it's completed correctly each time.

Q: Are your prices negotiable?

A: They are not. We feel that our prices are fair and reasonable for the services we provide. We use incredibly good products and don't take shortcuts in our process. We are also very careful not to layer unnecessary expenses into our pricing. You won't find a fancy expensive workshop or showroom and we won't show up in a ridiculously overpriced flashy van, and therefore we are able to keep our prices reasonable.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: We do offer a 2-year worry-free warranty on paint product performance. This includes malfunction of the surface of cabinets, doors or drawers as a result of product failure, and not related to normal wear-and-tear or construction issues beyond our control. We have had excellent results with durability for well over five years with the products we use, but should an issue arise we are just a call away. Please note that we cannot be responsible for issues with paint finish as a result of construction malfunctions. For example, frame seam popping, splitting over separate raised panel separation from frame due to environmental changes, general shifting of structures causing splits in surfaces, etc. We are happy to visit with you on any issues that you may be concerned with and we will make every effort to ensure that issues that can be avoided, are.

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